Availability Machines

Availability Machine (AM) is one of the most important in-built applications under DB Services family in Tessell. It helps DBAs or data owners in data management by providing a unified approach for data management needs, differentiated automation and heavy-lifting operations, as well as data protection. This application lies at the core of Tessell's data management architecture. When you provision a database service in Tessell, an Availability Machine gets associated with it. AM is a logical construct that encompasses the data management aspects for each database service.

Availability Machines are owned by the data owners who owns the database services.

Availability Machine supports the following:

  • It creates and maintains database snapshots for data protection purposes. The snapshots are retained for short-term or long-term periods governed by the associated RPO SLA.

  • It helps to sanitize the data or mask the sensitive information.

  • It helps to create database-native backups for long-term retention.

  • It allows you to create Data Access Policies (DAP) that help to control data sharing like what to share, how much to share, with whom to share, when to share, and when to share.

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