Data Flow

The Data Flow tab displays how the data is moving in the system. The data owner can configure a SLA and Data Access Policies (DAP) for the Availability Machine. This tab displays the flow of the data from your database service (source DB) to Availability Machines (AM) and from AM to different regions as per the configured SLAs and DAPs.

There is one main box representing your source DB. The central box is the your Availability Machine that is acting as the central data management construct. The one box with hand-shake icon shows your configured SLA. There is a continous stream of data flowing from source DB box to AM box representing that data from source DB is captured via snapshots and logs are continously captured and are retained as per the configured SLA.

If your database service is configured as Multi-AZ, then snapshot is taken from the primary node and replicated to the replica region boxes and retained as per configured SLA for that particular region. The data flow from AM to different region boxes is different as per the configured SLA and DAP policies for that region. The region with the manual snapshots don't have any continous data flow from AM as the manual snapshots are retained until you delete it manually.

For more information on SLAs and DAPs see SLA docs and DAP docs.

You can Zoom in or out using the + or - icons from the left bottom of the page. Also, you can view the Data Flow in full screen using the expand screen icon from the left bottom of the page.

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