The Logs tab provides the log files specific to the database engine chosen for your database service.

  • Select the instance name from the drop-down list to view the logs of that instance.

  • In the left side, you can see list of all the logfiles. Select any of the logfile either from the list or by writing the name of the logifle in the Search bar. You can view the log details of the selected file on the right side.

  • Using Show line numbers you can toggle the display of line numbers for all the logs in the log file.

  • To view the previous logs, use Load previous logs button and to go the last log line, use Jump to bottom button.

  • By default, it displays the logs of last 24 hours. To view the specific date and time logs, click on the time range at the top-right side bar to select the specific date and time.

  • To download the logfile on your local machine, click on the download button. It downloads the text file in your Downloads folder with the default naming convention of your chosen database engine.

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