Tessell portal

The Tessell portal comprises a variety of applications that come together to offer a differentiated cloud database management experience. These apps are grouped into app families. An app family is a group of apps that fall under the same category. For example, the Governance app family contains apps for Compute, Networks, Subscriptions, IAM, Security, and DB Governance. Such an organization of apps makes it easier for cloud admins to control access based on the roles in your organization.

The Tessell portal currently offers four different consumer-grade app families and each family contains a collection of apps that helps to manage one complete aspect successfully.

DB Services

This table lists the apps under DB Services and their description:


My Services

This app provides information about all the provisioned databases as a service categorized according to the types of databases. With this app you view the created services and share the services with other users, monitor the metrics, view logs, view instances, manage databases, create connection pools, integrate DATADOG, and create schedules to start/stop the services.


This app helps you create a new database as a service on the cloud of your choice: AWS or Azure.

Availability Machines

This app provides an interface to the database admin for performing all the admin activities. It inlcudes activities like data management, capturing and managing snapshots, sanitization, scheduling and managing backups, managing data access policies, creating clones and share your services with users.


This app provides consumption view of the data. It provides dataflix catalogs for Point-in-time recovery region, snapshots and backups of your service as well as sanitized snapshots.

Script Library

This app helps to store and manage data masking scripts.


This app helps to run benchmarks against a database to assess the performance of the database.


This app helps you manage different instances of your database services hosted on different servers for high availability purposes.


This table lists the apps under Governance and their descriptions:



This app provides list of all the clouds subscriptions added to your account.


This app provides list of all the standard and high performance compute shapes with region availability and I/O operation information. You can manage your compute shapes through this app.


This app helps to add or remove the networks and security groups for your cloud account.


This app helps to configure identity providers and directories, add or remove users, assign apps (privileges) to users, and to create or delete custom roles.


This app helps to add or remove encryption keys for the cloud account used for encryption of data at rest. It also helps in managing the password policies.

DB Governance

This app helps to enable or disable software images, create or remove SLAs that can be used tenant-wide, create or remove options profile for a database, create or remove parameter profile for a database, provide integrations to new endpoints, register to Active Directory Domain, and register licneses.


This table lists all the apps under Cost and their descriptions:



This app provides access to bills genarated by Tessell for your services. It also provides monthly statistics and the service activity details.


This app helps to configure the payment options and manage your billing profile.


This app provides a detailed view of the utilization of your cloud resources.


This app family includes the Tickets app that helps you raise and manage support tickets.

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