Databases tab provides the list of all the databases created in your database service in the tablular format. Each row provides the details of each database created in your database service. Each column of the table provides:

  • Name - This field provides the name of your database. The database names are unique within your database service.

  • Status - This field provides the status of each database. The status of the databases can be:



    It displays READY status when the database is up and running. The connections are allowed once it is in READY status.


    It displays DOWN status when the database is down. No connections are allowed once it is in DOWN status.


    It displays STOPPED status when the database is not running and it is completely shut down.


    It displays CREATING status when the database creation is triggered and the process of creating is on.


    It displays DELETING status when the database deletion is triggered and the process of deleting is on.


    It displays FAILED status when the database starting failed due to some reason.


    It displays STOPPING status when the database shutdown/stop is triggered and the process of stopping is on.


    It displays STARTING status when the database start is triggered and the process of starting is on.

  • Created - This field provides the date and time on which the database is created.

Deleting the database

On each row at the right side, go to ellipsis icon. It provides the Delete option. Selecting Delete option pops up a Delete confirmation window. It asks Are you sure you want to delete database <databasename> ?. Gives a warning message that Deleting this database will drop all active connections currently connected to this specific database. Would you like to proceed?. Select the Delete the <databasename> database check box to proceed. Also, View the Code from the bottom. The code is available in different languages like Shell, Python, Go, Java, JavaScript, and PowerShell. Click the Delete button at the bottom to proceed with delete action.

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