Cluster Details

Selecting any of the database service from the Service name field takes you to the Cluster Details of that database service. The Cluster Details tab provides:

Create your collection

At the top on the Cluster Details tab, there is an option to create a collection for your database service. Select Create Collection, it takes you to Create New Collection page. For more information, see collections.

Connection Details

You can view the connection details for your database service:

  • Username - It provides the name of the user through which you can connect to the database using the service URL. Copy the username using the copy button at the right side of the username.

  • Password — Set the password for the above user using this field. It also provides you the chance to reset the password incase you have forgot your password. Provide the new password in this field and click on the Reset button at the right side of the password field to change the password. By default the password is encrypted. To view the password click on eye button at the right side.

  • Port — It provides the port number for your database engine. Copy the port number using the copy button at the right side of the number.

  • Public Endpoint — It provides the complete URL of your database service. Using this service URL connect your database service from the terminal. Copy the URL using the copy button at the right side.

Description and Tags

It provides the descriptions and tags you have given at the time of provisioning your database service.


It provides details if the database service is publicly accessible or not. Also it provides the list of allowed IP Addresses. Click on the edit button to add or remove the allowed IP addresses. Clcik the Save button to apply the changes.

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