Integrations tab provides information about the third-party integrations enabled for your database service.

Tessel supports following third-party integrations:

  • Datadog - Datadog's cloud monitoring helps to monitor metrics from all of your apps, tools, and services in one place. You can install the Datadog agents on the database VMS and enable to help you monitor the metrics. You can bring your own Datadog account and enable it to integrate with your database service running on Tessell Portal.

Enable Datadog

To enable the Datadog:

  • Select the Enable button at the bottom of the Datadog tile, a window pops-up

  • Select the Endpoint from the drop-down list

  • View the Code from the bottom. The code is available in different languages like Shell, Python, Go, Java, JavaScript, and PowerShell.

  • Select the Add button to add the integration for your database service.

Once the integration is enabled, it displays Integration has already been enable with this database in the Datadog tile along with the Endpoint name used for this integration.

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